Factors to Consider Before Buying Filter Nozzles

Water is not just important for human survival, but there are many other areas where we need clean and pure water. Imagine bathing in a pool full of soiled water or irrigation of the fields with contaminated water! While agriculture is the biggest user of blue water offering the nutrition required for plants and animals to grow and produce the food we eat each day, it’s also noted that 70% of industrial waste is discarded in the blue water bodies untreated.

Thus, the need of clean and pure water, so that we not only drink safe and reliable water, but also consume healthy food every day and get hygienic water for washing, and other industrial purposes. Here comes the importance of filtered and purified water, the most effective treatment is done with the use of filter nozzles.

ILMAP is one of the leading manufacturers of water filter nozzles and resin traps that are made in Italy and come with proprietary technology assuring high-quality. The company has 50 years of experience in manufacturing filtration products in thermoplastic material for water treatment. It offers a wide range of WRAS approved filtration materials.

Their products are implemented in:

  • Drinking water production
  • Demineralized water production
  • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment
  • River or well-water filtration for irrigation
  • Swimming pool water filtration
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry water treatment

How to find the best filter nozzles?

There are countless companies offering filter nozzles for water treatment these days and so, it’s important to know he difference between a quality filter nozzle and a cheap duplicate. So, what are things to consider when looking for the best filter nozzles?

  1. If the slot size is uniform.
  2. If the filter nozzle is strong enough to resist the external forces applied on it.
  3. If you want the filter nozzles to keep performing in top condition for years.
  4. If the seller emphasizes only on sales or they also offer suggestions.
  5. If the nozzles are Certified, especially for the ones designed for drinking water applications

So, as you can observe the major distinction between the quality and cheap filter nozzles is in the fact if the supplier and the nozzle manufacturer is committed to offer a superior quality product which will perfect for a specific application.

So, remember these three factors that affect your decision of buying good quality filter nozzles from water nozzle suppliers:

  1. Uniformity of the slot size.
  2. Quality and longevity.
  3. Advice and consultation offered by the suppliers.

In case of doubt, it’s always better to stick to a trusted name in the market like ILMAP that not just offers quality filter nozzles for smooth water filtration, but also high-quality resin traps, collectors and other accessories in plastic and steel.

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