What’s the difference between CBD Oil and Hempseed Oil?

Where do they come from?

Both CBD oils products and Hempseed oils come from the Cannabaceae family. In this family are included 170 species, however, the one where these two products come from is Cannabis. More specifically, the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Since CBD has been the new beauty and health trend, there is still a lot of confusion around these products. So what exactly is CBD oil, and is it the same as hemp seed oil? No, they are actually almost completely different products. Hempseed oil is used primarily in cooking and the manufacturing of beauty products, whereas CBD Oil is an oral tincture that provides its own range of benefits.

 It is not easy to distinguish between CBD oil and hempseed oil, unless you are an expert you will be throwing blind guesses. Therefore, it is highly possible that you would end up with a product that doesn’t suit your needs at all. In this article, we explain the main differences between Hempseed oil and CBD oil and how to distinguish between the two.

What are their differences?

The fastest way to detect the difference between CBD oil and hempseed oil is by looking at the labels and their ingredients. They both come from Hemp, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Which is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) and it has an almost inexistent THC content.

Hempseed oil, as the name suggests is extracted only from the seeds of the Hemp plant. It is used mostly for cooking or in the production of cosmetic products. However, if you would use CBD isolate, which is the main ingredient in CBD oil, to produce cosmetics, the result would be much richer in nutrients. In fact, CBD oil is made with CBD extract or isolate, which is extracted from the whole hemp plant and not only the seeds.

Hemp seed oil is made using cold press extraction from hemp seeds. Usually, it has a dark to clear light green color and a nutty flavor.  CBD oil, on the other hand, is made using CO2 or solvent-based extraction using the whole hemp plants. Typically has clear to dark gold color and has either a neutral or earthy plant flavor. Another way to recognize a real CBD oil, rich in nutrients, is if the label defines it as a full-spectrum oil. As the name suggests when it is “full-spectrum” it means that it contains all the substances present in the Hemp plant and not only from its seeds. Such nutrients are essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, and are very helpful against stress and insomnia problems. In addition, while both oils have Vitamins A and E, CBD oil has actually more. In fact, it is rich in Vitamins C and B, in particular B1, B6, and B12. Therefore always check for these things when you are buying CBD Oil so you won’t make mistakes!

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